4 ways to manage your online reputation

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The technological advances of the past 20 years have enabled new ways for businesses to get their brand messages out to customer.  These advances have also created a new-found necessity: online reputation management. With the variety of platforms and tools available, it is very easy for customers to directly interact with brands and products. Ensure they get a positive impression of your company online by following these four steps.

Own the first page of search results

Tyler Collins, a digital marketing expert for Fortune 500 companies, believes in the importance of a company's search results that appear after pressing Enter. These results make up the majority of a business or personal reputation online. For the best results, it is advised that you appear in the first 10 spots (the entire first page of the search results). Within this number, there should also be a variety of related content such as positive reviews, media coverage and customer testimonials. This content will help establish trust and credibility.

Paint the picture before the exhibition

Especially for entrepreneurs embarking on a new company, it is best to work on their online reputation before launching. This includes creating a brand, company name and message. Doing this should help your business land in the top 10 search results online. You should invest some time in thoroughly researching potential brand names to ensure your company name has no negative associations.

Don’t forget the execs

Equally important to online brand management is reputation management for key executives. Potential customers don’t only take statistics and reviews into consideration, but also the people who are involved with the organization. This is why it’s absolutely essential that your key executives have a clean online reputation.

To achieve this, create a dedicated bio for each executive to increase the search ranks of that executive’s name. Then get (positive) media coverage whenever possible. Blog posts, press releases, and online quotes will create a strong image for both the individual and the company.

Ask for help when required

When times get tough, seek the expertise of online reputation specialists.  It is difficult to change a customer’s first impression of a company, so investing in expert advice can be an important step in creating and maintaining your virtual image.

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