should your business go server less

Should your business go serverless?

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to improve the development process and deliver more value to users. Serverless architecture is one such approach that offers a number of benefits over traditional server-based infrastructure, including better scalability, greater flexibility, faster time to market, and more cost-effective software development. [...]

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too many online apps in business

NEVER use too many online apps in business

Technology has had a profound impact on workplace productivity over the past decade. From cloud computing and collaboration tools to project management software and artificial intelligence, there are now a wide range of technologies that can help businesses streamline their operations and get more done in less time.

However, the proliferation of workplace apps has had some unintended consequences. Some studies show that workers use up to 35 different tools on the job, leading them to jump back and forth between apps for up to 1,100 times every day. In many cases, the high volume of online apps, which intends to address every imaginable issue, leads to lower productivity and other problems. [...]

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business benefits of Power BI

5 Awesome business benefits of Power BI

Put yourself in the shoes of a manager overseeing a nationwide retail chain. You've got your team hard at work, analyzing sales data for the annual report. Can you dig deep and break down sales by state? How about by month? What were the sales trends by region over the seasons? And can you determine potential trends for the upcoming quarter or year?

You must have a powerful data analysis tool that can rapidly slice and dice large amounts of data to gain insights. Enter Microsoft Power BI, a tool designed to easily analyze your data, uncover trends and insights, and visualize the results in beautiful dashboards. [...]

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zero trust cloud security framework

Zero trust cloud security framework; why you need it

2022 was a year of significant data breaches, and some of them may have even affected businesses in Campbell, California. One look at the top breaches last year shows that even well-known companies are not safe from cyberattacks. These include Twitter, Uber, and MediBank to name a few. [...]

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nonprofit organizations benefit from the cloud

Nonprofit organizations benefit from the cloud

The cloud has revolutionized the way organizations operate, and nonprofit organizations benefit from the cloud as well. With the power and flexibility offered by the cloud, nonprofits can streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and scale their impact like never before. Here are nine ways nonprofit organizations can benefit from embracing cloud computing technologies. [...]

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