2022 cloud tech predictions

2022 Cloud tech predictions

Much of the world is finally recovering from COVID-19. Businesses have adapted to shifts, such as spikes in online ordering and dips in the number of employees who prefer to work in offices. These shifts resulted in more companies adopting cloud services, which gave them access to vast computing, networking, and data storage resources and empowered them to quickly implement necessary infrastructural changes. Here are some of the most important 2022 cloud tech predictions: [...]

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cloud computing in 2022

Cloud computing in 2022

From 2020 to 2021, the ROI for on-premises or on-prem IT infrastructures dramatically went down as businesses implemented remote work setups and powered these with cloud computing. Companies initiated the shift to remote work by adopting cloud-based tools that enabled processes and functions that used to be on premises. For example, with people working in their own homes, face-to-face conversations among coworkers became impossible, so companies utilized tools like Zoom and Google Meet to enable long-distance communication. [...]

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Cloud security 2020 - protect yourself

Another year has come and gone. Everyone has New Year’s resolutions — including cybercriminals. It’s wishful thinking to hope that they’d all turn over a new leaf, since it’s more likely that they’ve resolved to hack harder and smarter than last year instead. With this in mind, we anticipate that they’ve made the cloud one of their primary targets, and that these are the vulnerabilities they’ll most likely take advantage of. [...]

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top cloud predictions for 2019

New! Top cloud predictions for 2019

At this time of year, businessmen and small business owners look to the coming year to see how new trends will affect their business. The top cloud predictions for 2019 surely fall into the category of new trends, as do many others. [...]

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cloud predictions 2018

Top five cloud predictions for 2018

A decade ago, people would have thought you were crazy if you told them that cloud technology would account for the majority of businesses’ workloads. Today, those folks would be wrong, as 79% of companies are running workloads in the cloud. In fact, Forbes predicted that ... [...]

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