Empower your distributed team with Google Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome Enterprise

Last year’s shift to remote working compelled organizations to implement three drastic changes to their operations:

  1. Work from home devices – Companies had to either supply their staff with portable devices such as laptops or let them use what they already had at home.
  2. Access to company apps and data – Firms had to either migrate their apps and data to the cloud or grant staff access to the company network via remote network access. Then, businesses also had to implement online collaboration solutions so that the productivity of distributed teams may be optimized.
  3. Security systems to mitigate data breaches – However businesses granted staff access to IT resources, the former had to apply cybersecurity measures to ensure that only authorized users had access to company data.

All of these adjustments required substantial investments at a time when the overall economy was hard hit and businesses needed to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Unfortunately, these changes have made IT systems more complicated and less efficient, which isn't ideal when businesses start to bounce back and have to scale up operations. This means that more money may be needed to fix emerging problems before companies can ever see a return on their investments.
If there was a way to streamline these disparate pieces into one remote work solution, this will mean cost savings and easier deployment to distributed teams. This is exactly what Google’s Chrome Enterprise is all about.
What is Chrome Enterprise?
This is an all-in-one cloud-first solution that combines three things businesses can use to empower their distributed teams:
●      Work from home Chrome Devices
●      Cloud-based productivity tools in Chrome Browser and in-device apps care of the Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise
●      Cloud-based IT management tools, all contained in Chrome OS
By turning to only one solution provider — namely Google — businesses can enjoy a simple and secure remote work setup that they can easily grow with, even long after the pandemic is over.
Here's how organizations can keep their workforce connected, productive, and secure with Chrome Enterprise.

Step 1: Supply staff with Chrome devices

Businesses have greater control over the security of their data when they can exercise direct monitoring and control over the devices that their staff use. However, when firms issue devices, they’ll face challenges such as having to enroll each machine into their admin system, rolling out OS updates to entire fleets, and implementing new security policies.
These challenges become moot with Chrome Enterprise devices that have their business capabilities unlocked. These machines are deployed to staff faster because of zero-touch enrollment. That is, these are registered to be automatically enrolled in a centralized Google Admin console once they are in the hands of the user. To use the device, all the user has to do is go online and log in — it’s that quick!

Step 2: Enable staff to work from anywhere with Chrome Browser

If they’re online, workers can simply open their Chrome Browser to access cloud-based apps. And with the Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise upgrade, Chromebook users will have Windows apps installed on their device, allowing staff to work even while they’re offline.

Step 3: Support distributed teams with Chrome OS

Not only are the machines ready to use out of the box, but they are ready to be managed by IT admins, too, thanks to the Google Admin console within Chrome OS. With this single app, admins can:
●      Push OS updates
●      Apply new security protocols
●      Install software upgrades
●      Individually wipe lost or stolen devices
Cybersecurity is also less of an issue since Chrome OS applies security and feature patches in the background as soon as these are available. Furthermore, Chrome OS constantly and proactively keeps threats away from the devices, and Google vets third-party apps so that only trusted apps become available in its app ecosystems.
All in all, the efficiencies gained from using an all-in-one solution such as Chrome Enterprise may mean significant cost savings for your business. To better discern whether Chrome Enterprise is a great fit for your business, turn to SimplyClouds. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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