cloud sticker shock

Cloud sticker shock; how to prevent it

Cloud technology offers businesses many awesome benefits, including improved flexibility, data security, and efficiency. Potentially lower costs are also among its upsides, but many businesses counting on this particular advantage end up getting sticker shock when they do receive their monthly cloud bill. [...]

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benefits of cloud automation

What are the benefits of cloud automation?

Managing and operating your cloud resources is tedious and time-consuming. For example, you must implement load balancing so incoming network traffic is distributed for optimum network performance. You also need to ensure that cloud resources are provisioned properly so you don’t pay for idle resources. These and other tasks can divert your IT staff’s time away from high-value projects. Thanks to the benefits of cloud automation, many cloud tasks can be taken off the hands of your IT team. [...]

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private cloud

Should you invest in a private cloud?

Did you know that many of the mobile apps you use on your smartphone are powered by the cloud? That is, when you download an app onto your device, you don’t really install the entire program, but only the interface for transmitting inputs and displaying outputs. The bulk of the app — which does the actual data processing — is in the cloud. This means that apps won’t consume as much space and processing power as they would if they were locally installed in full. [...]

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