disaster recovery strategy

Use virtualization to boost your disaster recovery strategy

You need a strong disaster recovery strategy because unplanned downtime can hurt your business in several ways. It can stagger the flow of your revenue, lower your teams’ productivity, and make you appear unreliable to your customers. Outages may also make you vulnerable to data breaches and, consequently, more likely to incur penalties, especially if you are in a regulated sector like finance and healthcare. [...]

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save money through virtual hosted servers

Save money through virtual hosted servers

For most businesses in the United States and beyond, servers are a necessary expense. These machines enable you to store, analyze, process, send, and receive data, but their upfront and operational costs can be expensive for small- and medium-sized businesses. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative that offers the same benefits — and more — as a traditional server, then learn how you can save money through virtual hosted servers. [...]

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