G Suite or Office 365 for Education?

In an apparent bid to enroll users while they’re young, both Google and Microsoft have deployed free online app suites that help schools facilitate learning in their establishments. Both G Suite for Education and Office 365 Education have free and premium versions, but to keep things simple, this post will only focus on the former. Let’s examine them: G Suite or Office 365 for Education? [...]

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streamline screen clutter

Streamline screen clutter with Microsoft Teams

Nowadays, working on a computer feels like juggling. We have multiple tabs open in our web browsers while using other apps at the same time. It’s now normal to switch our attention back and forth between two or more devices. It can be exhausting for our minds to keep track of so many things at once, so one way to reduce stress is to declutter our screens. In this regard, Microsoft Teams can help out by letting us access many of the apps we use in just one place. [...]

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