streamline screen clutter

Streamline screen clutter with Microsoft Teams

Nowadays, working on a computer feels like juggling. We have multiple tabs open in our web browsers while using other apps at the same time. It’s now normal to switch our attention back and forth between two or more devices. It can be exhausting for our minds to keep track of so many things at once, so one way to reduce stress is to declutter our screens. In this regard, Microsoft Teams can help out by letting us access many of the apps we use in just one place. [...]

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Google Chrome Enterprise

Empower your distributed team with Google Chrome Enterprise

Last year’s shift to remote working compelled organizations to implement three drastic changes to their operations:

1. Work from home devices – Companies had to either supply their staff with portable devices such as laptops or let them use what they already had at home.
2. Access to company apps and data – Firms had to either migrate their apps and data to the cloud or grant staff access to the company network via remote network access. Then, businesses also had to implement online collaboration solutions so that the productivity of distributed teams may be optimized.
3. Security systems to mitigate data breaches – However businesses granted staff access to IT resources, the former had to apply cybersecurity measures to ensure that only authorized users had access to company data. [...]

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cybersecurity trends

Cybersecurity trends in 2021

As a business owner or manager, you do not want to be caught unawares of developments that may endanger your company.

These emerging data security threats are turning out to be ones that organizations must not waste time preparing for. [...]

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Deploy virtual desktops faster with Desktop-as-a-Service

Managing and maintaining your organization’s desktop environment in-house takes up a lot of time and resources. Your IT staff must constantly support, troubleshoot, and update your business computers and applications. Unfortunately, this task is even more demanding if all or many of your employees are working remotely. [...]

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adopt cloud computing

US businesses are rushing to adopt cloud computing

Cloud computing is now at the forefront of business technologies, thanks to its unparalleled versatility and accessibility. It offers scalable resources as well as faster innovation, helping businesses all around the United States reduce operating costs, run infrastructures more efficiently, and quickly adapt to ever-evolving needs. [...]

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