switch cloud service providers

Should you switch cloud service providers?

With the rapid advancements and changes in cloud technology, your cloud service provider must offer unmatched financial value while also freeing up your internal teams to focus on areas of growth.

If you think that your cloud provider can no longer meet your business's needs or are concerned about any of the following issues, you may need to switch cloud service providers. [...]

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Six essential cloud business applications for SMBs

With the continuous advancement of business IT over the years, many business software programs are now hosted on and accessible through the cloud. This means employees can utilize these cloud business apps from anywhere, anytime, using almost any internet-connected device.

Among the many cloud-based business apps in the market, here are six that we believe small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours must have in their arsenal. [...]

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migrating legacy data to the cloud

The biggest challenges of migrating legacy data to the cloud

More and more companies are migrating legacy data to the cloud for a variety of reasons. Chief among these reasons is the ease of access that comes with having data in the cloud. With all company data in one place that's accessible via the internet, on-site and remote employees can easily find what they need without wasting time navigating through disparate systems. [...]

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shift to cloud computing

A shift to cloud computing calls for a shift in business mindset

Much like how plants rely on root fungi for mineral uptake and bees for pollination, businesses form mutually beneficial relationships to drive growth. One such relationship is outsourcing — and using the cloud is a prime example of this. When you utilize cloud resources, you rely on a cloud services provider (CSP) for IT resources and services instead of on your own machines and manpower.

Such a dramatic shift in operations requires business owners and managers to rethink the way they operate. [...]

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