Six essential cloud business applications for SMBs


With the continuous advancement of business IT over the years, many business software programs are now hosted on and accessible through the cloud. This means employees can utilize these cloud business apps from anywhere, anytime, using almost any internet-connected device. 
Among the many cloud-based business apps in the market, here are six that we believe small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours must have in their arsenal.
1.   Trello
If you're looking for a cloud-based project management app, you need to try Trello. Trello uses Kanban-style boards, which help you see the entire workflow and the progress of each task. With Trello, you can create multiple boards, each with its own cards and lists. You can also add due dates, attachments, and comments directly on Trello cards.

2.   Slack
Slack is a communication platform where you can create different message groups called "channels" for various topics, projects, or teams. On these channels, teams can have conversations, collaborate on projects, and share files. Users also have the option to directly message or call one another.
Slack allows you to quickly search old discussions to find the information you need. It also integrates with a variety of other apps, which makes it even more versatile and powerful.

3.   HubSpot
HubSpot is a sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies attract leads and convert leads into customers. With HubSpot, you can manage your sales pipeline and track customer interaction data in one place.
Using HubSpot's marketing software, you can conduct inbound marketing campaigns via social media channels, online ads, and blogs, among others. You can also sync your contacts from other apps, run email marketing campaigns, follow up with your email recipients, interact with them, and measure the results of your campaigns.
Moreover, you can use HubSpot’s content management system to easily create and customize web pages to improve the likelihood of conversion. For example, your CRM data revealed an uptick in interest in working in Canada, so you might create a landing page where people can download an eBook about Canada’s immigration requirements.

4.   Buffer
Buffer lets you easily publish and schedule content across various social media platforms. It also enables you to track your social media metrics, analyze your audience, and collaborate with team members (e.g., give them access to certain social media accounts).
Buffer even integrates with a ton of other apps, which gives you more flexibility and options for managing your social media accounts.

5.   BambooHR
BambooHR helps SMBs with hiring, onboarding, time tracking, and employee performance management. This HR management software lets you track the progress of each job applicant throughout the hiring process and manage your team's performance via regular check-ins and performance reviews.
Moreover, Bamboo HR allows employees to input their personal information, request time off, clock in/out of their shifts, and more. Managers can also approve or deny time off requests and access real-time data on employee hours.

6.   FreshBooks
FreshBooks helps SMBs manage their finances and get paid faster. This accounting software lets you easily track your company’s expenses, create invoices, and accept online payments. The app also lets you automate invoicing and overdue payment reminders to ensure healthy cash flow.
Moreover, FreshBooks integrates with a variety of other apps to give you more flexibility and options for managing your finances. This includes apps for time tracking, project management, CRM, and more.
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