Cloud-based password management

Cloud-based password management

When you buy a new car, whether a Honda, BMW or Ferrari, you have pride in the new trusty vehicle that will serve you for years to come.  So losing your car from theft is undeniably a frustrating experience. The same goes for cloud technology -- now that you’ve invested in migrating your IT systems to the cloud, you need to make sure your files and applications don’t fall into the wrong hands, too.

Protecting data in the cloud involves more than just setting up passwords. You need to make sure these passwords are as efficient for users as they are for in-house applications. This is where a cloud-based password management solution comes in handy.

What is cloud-based password management?

A cloud password manager stores your passwords by allowing you to generate random password combinations for each of your accounts. This lets you access and save information in the cloud or on your personal computer conveniently and safely.

Keep in mind that password-cracking programs guess the most common passwords. Because of that, random password combinations make it much harder for malicious users or bots to crack them. Apart from this, a cloud-based password management solution comes with various benefits that businesses large and small can appreciate.

Simplified login

A cloud-based password management solution features single sign-on, which lets you log in once with a set of credentials and gain access to other applications you’re authorized for. This security feature addresses the need to remember multiple passwords. Don’t worry, you can still use the form autofill feature since a password manager stores your personal information safely.

Secure password sharing

While we don’t recommend that you share passwords with co-workers, sometimes having shared accounts is necessary. Cloud password management gives you the option to control who has access to passwords so you can share them without worries.

Easy password reset

You can change or reset passwords from any location, at any time, even from your smart devices without having to contact a helpdesk. You can also choose to change all your passwords periodically for optimal security.

Compatibility across multiple devices

We use our mobile devices more than ever before. Cloud password management keeps this in mind, as it provides access across multiple devices. Many of them also provide support for application passwords, too.

Cloud security is equally important as usability and scalability. When your data and applications are not properly guarded, they’re no different from cars without brakes -- a disaster waiting to happen. If you’d like to protect your cloud investment or have any questions about cloud password management, give us a call. We’re happy to advise.

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