How to get company buy-in to deploying new cloud solutions

deploying new cloud solutions

Deciding to move your company’s infrastructure and data to the cloud is a big step. It can be difficult to convince employees of the benefits of this change, especially if they are comfortable with the way things are currently done. In this blog, we will discuss some tips for getting your team to buy into deploying new cloud solutions.

1. Plan and visualize

Many organizations are now enjoying the benefits of cloud solutions. However, there is a high chance business stakeholders will still fail to see its significance if you do not have a concrete plan and proper vision of what cloud solutions can bring to the table.
Identify these key elements when presenting the idea of utilizing a new cloud solution:
●      What: It's crucial that everyone in the team is on the same page about what the term "cloud" means and what solutions you plan on implementing.
●      Why: Explain the reason for your cloud migration initiative and outline how it will support your organization in achieving its strategic business objectives.
●      Who: Identify the specific roles and responsibilities of each team member in rolling out the new cloud solution to facilitate workload management and ensure clear expectations.
●      When: Specify the timeline for initiating and completing the implementation process.
●      How: Provide a detailed plan outlining the specific steps and actions you intend to take to execute the implementation of the new cloud solution.

2. Collaborate with your team

Ensure the success of your shift to the cloud by assigning your team with roles and responsibilities. Harness their unique strengths and empower them through proper guidance. Involving your employees in the process creates a sense of ownership and investment toward the outcome. Ultimately, this collaborative approach enhances the likelihood of a successful implementation.

3. Encourage open communication

To facilitate a seamless transition, it is crucial to regularly communicate with your team and address any concerns they may have. Frustration can quickly diminish morale, and this may lead them to lose interest in the project. It’s best to maintain an open-door policy and encourage employees to come forward with any issues they encounter. Furthermore, it is beneficial to empower employees to propose solutions when they encounter problems.

4. Be firm

Change can be hard for some people, but as you embark on your cloud journey, it's essential to stay firm to secure buy-in. While it's important to consider suggestions, don't shy away from being assertive when faced with resistance. This is crucial for your cloud success because small issues can snowball if not addressed and distraught members can bring down the morale of the team.

5. Don't be afraid to re-evaluate and make changes

As a leader, it falls on you to assess the efficacy of the cloud solutions that are in place to accomplish business objectives. In the event that goals are not being met, it's important to reassess your cloud strategy, the solutions you've implemented, and your approach to addressing  issues that arise. Seek input from your team when faced with challenges.
Change is inevitable so don't hesitate to modify your approach if your planned cloud solution is not yielding positive results.
Getting buy-in from your team should not be a difficult process when approached thoughtfully. Contact SimplyClouds today if you need more help navigating this transition or if your business is just getting started. Our cloud experts are always here to help.

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