Why Microsoft Cloud is special for business

Microsoft Cloud is special for business

For your small business to grow, your operations must be efficient and ready to serve more customers. To improve your processes and increase your capacity, you need powerful IT in the form of Microsoft Cloud. Let's take a look at how Microsoft Cloud can unlock the potential of your business.

What is Microsoft Cloud?

Microsoft Cloud is a platform for many modern business tools, such as:
●      Azure – an Infrastructure - and Platform-as-a-Service that lets you create and manage apps and websites that can serve countless users
●      Dynamics 365 – a suite of intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business apps for creating highly engaging customer experiences and improving operations
●      GitHub – a platform for developing apps
●      Microsoft 365 – a suite of productivity apps, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
●      Microsoft Power Platform – a suite of machine learning-powered apps that allows you to distill business intelligence, create problem-solving custom apps, and automate processes
●      Microsoft Security – Microsoft's very own antivirus program
●      Microsoft Teams – a chat and video conferencing platform
While each tool on its own is great for businesses, choosing the ones you need and having them work together creates a synergy in terms of accelerated processes and increased gathering of business insights. For instance, Microsoft Teams allows users to work on Microsoft 365 files within the Teams platform itself (i.e., instead of having to open a program in another window to open such files). And Microsoft Power Platform generates insights from big data sets to help developers on Azure and GitHub create powerful business apps. In short, Microsoft Cloud has all the tech you'll ever need to grow your business.

Microsoft Cloud powers digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using IT to create or revamp business processes, corporate cultural practices, and customer experiences. To illustrate, businesses that have become fully digitized have gone from having clients fill out paper forms to online forms on tablets. Using a tablet is usually easier than writing on a flimsy sheet, and some tablets are accessible for persons with disabilities, such as the blind. Furthermore, using online forms also saves staff from having to manually encode information since online forms automatically sync with company databases.
An example with a much larger scope is the shift to hybrid work. Cloud-based tools allow staff to work in the office, at home, at the local café, or wherever they have access to the internet. Your teams don't need to be near one another to collaborate ⁠— they can just hold video conferences instead. People can work for companies that are miles away, and companies can easily tap talent from other countries, too.
To make the most out of hybrid work setups, you need the following:
●      Productivity tools that enable people to work wherever they are
●      Communication and project management tools that permit team members to keep in touch and be on the same page
●      Cybersecurity tools that keep company data safe
These tools and more are available in Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Cloud enables businesses to become more sustainable

Climate change is an existential threat to everyone on this planet, and businesses must recognize their role to play in mitigating the problem. Microsoft empowers organizations to act with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, a SaaS solution that allows companies to do the following:
●     Accurately monitor greenhouse gas emissions produced by their operations and the value chain they belong to
●     Report on how much they’re impacting the environment and the progress they're making in terms of reaching their sustainability goals
●     Derive actionable insights so that they can make lasting changes that reduce emissions while gaining energy, process, labor productivity, and materials cost efficiencies
With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, turning your company more environment-friendly need not be so costly as to reduce your profitability. In fact, when done right, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.
To learn more about Microsoft Cloud, turn to SimplyClouds. Our specialists have the expertise you need to customize Microsoft Cloud according to your business’s unique requirements. Drop us a line today to learn more.

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