Deploy virtual desktops faster with Desktop-as-a-Service


Managing and maintaining your organization’s desktop environment in-house takes up a lot of time and resources. Your IT staff must constantly support, troubleshoot, and update your business computers and applications. Unfortunately, this task is even more demanding if all or many of your employees are working remotely.
If you’re looking for a simpler, faster, more affordable, and more secure way to deploy desktops to your teams, it’s worth considering Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS.

What is Desktop-as-a-Service?

DaaS is a cloud computing solution in which a third-party provider hosts a user’s desktop environment in the cloud rather than directly on the latter’s PCs. This is a subscription-based service that provides organizations with on-demand, virtualized desktops that come with the required operating system and necessary applications.
With DaaS, the cloud provider fully manages your virtual desktops, handling everything from maintenance and updates to security and support. Your IT staff still configures and controls your PCs, but they’re spared from most of the daily management chores such as troubleshooting.
What’s great about having virtual desktops is that these can be accessed from anywhere, including your office, your home, and other remote locations. Of course, you and your employees still need a device that can connect to the internet and, subsequently, to your virtual desktop environment. But the flexibility and accessibility of DaaS allow you to access your virtual desktops using a computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other smart devices.

Why should you consider DaaS?

More and more businesses today are deploying DaaS because of the following key benefits.
1. Simplified management
Normally, IT staff have to personally attend to each and every office PC to install or update software, implement patches, and perform malware scans. With DaaS, the cloud provider and your IT team can manage all your computers centrally, making it easier to perform updates, backups, and other maintenance tasks.
2. Cost savings
According to a study by Spiceworks, businesses spend more than a third of their entire IT budget on hardware alone. DaaS cuts these costs by minimizing hardware procurement, management, and support.
DaaS allows you to use thin clients — inexpensive PCs with minimal processing power and local memory — instead of full-featured computers. Since data processing and storage are done in the cloud when you use virtual desktops, all you'll really need is an internet-connected device. (And if you need local storage, you can simply plug in high-volume USB thumb drives.)
Moreover, software licensing can also cost less when you deploy DaaS. For instance, Microsoft offers a per-user license option for Windows 10 for use in a virtualized environment. This can end up being less expensive than procuring an individual license for every machine in your office.
3. Improved security
Your business PCs are no longer a security risk with DaaS since all desktop-to-server communications take place on a secure network that’s fully managed and protected by your cloud provider. Because your data and applications reside in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about breaches and intrusions caused by unsecured and vulnerable end-user devices.
Additionally, DaaS providers store your business apps and data in a secure data center that’s safeguarded 24/7 against unauthorized access and common hardware failures.
4. Simplified backup and disaster recovery
With your desktop environment running in the cloud, you don’t need to store important data on your local devices. This also means that you don’t have to back up data from your office computers. This saves your IT team from installing and configuring backup software as well as ensuring that backups are performed and tested regularly. Instead, some DaaS offerings include backup and recovery options that routinely make copies of your data so you can recover it should you need to.
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